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About Our Course

Our parenting course is written by licensed attorneys and licensed therapists/counselors.  All material is evidence-based and updated to include the latest research and laws.  


Our course is entirely available online.  You may access the course anytime from anywhere through your laptops or mobile devices.  The following devices are supported:  PC or Apple desktop/laptop, Apple or Android tablets or mobile devices.  The following browsers are supported:  Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. 

Once you enroll, you will have access to the course for 30 days.  You may log on and off at your convenience and your progress will be saved.  If you do not pass a quiz, you may retake it as many times as you need.  The course is a timed, 4-hour online course.

Our format is designed to accommodate different learners.  Our timed, online course offers a combination of audio/video modules and PDF documents.  Keep in mind, you must be logged into the timed, online course modules to receive credit, i.e, you cannot bypass watching the timed videos by downloading and reading the PDFs.  For your convenience, the content of the videos is also available in PDF format which may be downloaded and read like a book, at your leisure.  For those who may be visually impaired, we can offer an audio-only alternative.  Please contact us, if you require this accommodation.

The timed, 4-hour online course is divided into three modules.  The first module is three hours and consists of three videos and corresponding quizzes.  After each video, you will be prompted to complete and pass a mini quiz, after which the next video will be unlocked.  After you successfully complete the first module, the second module will unlock.  The second and third modules are each 30 minutes and consist of PDFs which you must read, after which you must pass the corresponding quizzes.  Once you complete all modules, you will be prompted to complete a brief survey, after which you may retrieve your certificate of completion for the entire course.

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