Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth
Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth

Father and Son Baking
Father and Son Baking

woman with computer 2
woman with computer 2

Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth
Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth




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Court-Ordered Parenting Class

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4 Hour Online Course
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Features Include

Many states require parents who file for divorce or modification of a parenting plan to complete a parenting course.

CLICK HERE  to see if this parenting course is approved by your State.

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Full parenting classes and parenting courses available online.


Supported Devices:

PC or Apple desktop/laptop

Apple or Android tablets or 

mobile devices

Supported Browsers:

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

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  • Evidence-based curricula

  • Convenient, anytime access

  • Self-paced learning

  • Certificate upon completion

  • 30-day access to course

  • Retake post-quiz unlimited times

  • Slides, PDF, or audio/video format